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Kshitiz Singh

Senior User Experience Designer


I am currently working as Senior User Experience Designer for Product Management Group at Stella & Dot and leading UX research and design activities. I have worked at several other companies and part-time freelance projects. Before my current job, I was at Ericsson Research in their Services and Software research group.


I am a University of Michigan graduate (GO BLUE!), completed my degree in 2011. My Specializations were Human Computer Interaction and Social Computing. I did my undergrad in design from Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati.

Personal Life

We know more about the Mars then our own ocean, that excited me to pursue Scuba Diving. I strive to improve my skills and explore new territories. I also love to snowboard at Lake Tahoe and try hard to make my falls look less embarrassing :).


a sample of projects that I have worked on

Stella & Dot Business Dashboard

For Monitoring Performance and Team

Engraving User Experience

E-Commerce Design for Engravables

Social Web of Things

Interaction Paradigm for Networked Society

Connected Commuting

Researching Commute Behavior in Silicon Valley


Social Walking through Interest Matching

Project LET-US

Collaborative Environment for School Education

Work Experience

My Work History So Far

  • 2013-Present

    Stella and Dot

    Senior User Experience Designer

    • Conducting research through interviews and web analytics to drive product strategy

    • Creating Lo-Fidelity mockups for quick product stakeholder and user feedback

    • Engaging and collaborating with marketing team, visual designers and the product team

  • 2011-2013


    Research Engineer - User Experience

    • Conducted basic research activities focused at UX challenges around Ericsson’s Networked Society vision of 50 Billion connected devices.

    • Conducted user research to discover challenges existing in Megacities with population over 10 million.

    • Engaged with local academic and industrial partners in Silicon Valley on joint projects.

  • 2010-2011

    Social Science Data Analysis Network (SSDAN)

    Web Design Lead

    • Re-designed censusscope.org and facilitating development.

    • Performed a full scale usability evaluation of http://www.teachingwithdata.org/ website.

    • Evaluated SSDAN website for its compliance with W3C accessibility standards.

  • 2010

    Sabre Holdings

    User Experience Intern

    • Applied best practices for design of commercial user interfaces pertaining to desktop, web and mobile applications

    • Incorporated branded style guide elements into user interfaces while adhering to usability principles Work effectively on a multi-disciplinary team located in the US and in Poland

    • Collaborated with globally distributed software developers, testers, business owners, and other designers

  • 2010

    University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center

    User Experience Researcher

    • Evaluated and compared the development website to its closest competitors

    • Determined client's needs and expectations of the website

    • Analyzed ways to improve the website based on user experience principles

  • 2008-2009

    Geodesic Limited

    User Experience Designer

    • Lead designer of Mundu TV

    • Follow user centered approach for design of mobile based instant messaging solutions

    • Work effectively with a multi-disciplinary design team and a programming team

  • 2007

    Fondazione Bruno Kessler - IRST

    Social Research Intern

    • Understanding autism and analysing existing literature/projects

    • Researching social influence effects involved with the use of tabletop interfaces

    • Evaluating different interactions by the load imposed by level of collaboration required

    • Conducting pilot tests and re-iterating

    • Implementing and evaluating gestures based on technical detailing and inter-compatibility



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